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You’re probably here because you’re either fed up with your current Google Ads Agency or overwhelmed by Google’s constant changes to their platform. Fear no more; that’s where we come in. We know the struggles and understand that you just want to run your ads and get sales—who doesn’t!
We are a Sydney based Google Ads Agency proven to make this process transparent, easy, and clear.
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A team you can trust

We find the gaps in your current Google Ads strategy and fill them with proven, best-practice methods. Our approach to Google Ads is all about delivering a focused, effective, and seamless customer experience.
Team collaboration on bigger projects
Mobile paediatric physiotherapy, movement is life.
Leaping Kids



From 3 to 26 new customers per quater
Google Adwords + Website Optimisation
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Man filming another man exercising at the gym.
Cass Brothers Productions



From 2 to 10 new leads each month
Social Media Ads, Google Adwords, Website Development
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Woman in consultation with a healthcare professional
Bites Health



Increase in weekly convesions since running ads
Google Search Adwords, Website Development
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Google Ads that Deliver Real ROI

The best Google Adwords strategy is one that delivers results you can see. But how do you know what works? You need trackable campaigns to follow your customers’ journey from start to finish. Reviewing the data is crucial, and who better to do that than us?

Our Process


Step 01

Brand and Strategy

Objective: Create a plan that matches your business goals and helps you reach the right customers.
We start by learning all about your business, your products, your competitors, and what your customers need. As a Google Ads Agency, we look at everything closely to make sure our plan fits your goals perfectly.

We study your competitors to find out what they are doing and how we can do it better. Our experts figure out who your target audience is and how to reach them. We then make a detailed plan, including what adwords to use, who to target, and what kind of ads to create to attract more customers.

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Step 02

Design and Campaign Setup

Objective: Create ads that get the right attention to ensure you get your return on ad spend
We design ads that will capture your audiences attention when searching on Google. We make sure the ad speaks to your landing pages so when people land on it they know they are in the right place. We set up the campaign in Google Ads, organizing everything from the keywords you want to target through to the audience.

We understand that you may have faced some challenges in the past with your google adwords not going anywhere and not giving you the return on investment that you had hoped. This step is crucial in making sure that doesn’t happen. The key area we need to focus on is how we can get your ads to align perfectly with the landing page we will be sending visitors to. By ensuring that the messaging and offers in your ads match what visitors find on the landing page, we can create a seamless experience that drives conversions and maximizes your advertising investment.

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Step 03

Testing and Analytics

Objective: Optimise ad performance and maximize conversions through continuous testing and detailed analytics.
We test different versions of ad copy against different landing pages to see which ones work best. We set up tracking to accurately monitor how many people take the desired action after clicking on your ads. We keep making data-driven changes to improve the likelihood of conversions over time.

We understand that you may have encountered issues in the past, such as low conversion rates or difficulty in tracking ad performance. This step is essential to overcoming these challenges. By continuously testing and refining your ads and landing pages, we ensure that we are always improving and adapting to what works best. Our focus on detailed tracking and user journey analysis helps us identify and fix any weak points, ensuring that your ads are as effective as possible in driving conversions and delivering a strong return on investment.

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Step 04

Reporting and Optimisation

Objective: Ensure transparency  with you and continuous improvement of the campaign.
We provide you with detailed reports on how the campaign is performing, highlighting important metrics and insights. We analyze the data to find trends and areas that need improvement, as well as identify opportunities for future campaigns. We provide ongoing support throughout this journey to ensure the campaign stays aligned with your business goals and adapts to changes in the market.

We are a unique Google Ads agency because we value transparency as much as you do, having been in your position before. Unclear reporting and infrequent touchpoints often make you wonder if you’re getting a good return on your investment. By providing transparent and detailed reports, we ensure you are always informed about the campaign’s performance. Our continuous analysis and optimization efforts help identify and address any areas that need improvement, ensuring your adwordss consistently deliver a strong return on investment.

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Types of Google Ads Campaigns

Google Search Adwords

Google Search Adwordss connect you with customers exactly when they’re searching for your products and services. By appearing at the top of search results, these ads maximise your visibility and drive high-intent traffic to your website, increasing leads, sales, and revenue.

Google PMax Ads

Performance Max Campaigns help you reach customers across all of Google’s advertising channels, including Search, YouTube, Display, Discover, Gmail, and Maps. These campaigns use automated bidding and targeting to optimise performance and drive maximum results.

Google Demand Gen Ads

Demand Gen Campaigns are designed to create awareness and interest in your products and services across a variety of platforms. These campaigns target potential customers who may not yet be actively searching for your offerings but fit your ideal customer profile.

Google Display Ads

Display Ads help you reach potential customers across millions of websites, apps, and Google-owned properties like YouTube and Gmail. These visually engaging ads increase brand awareness and keep your business top-of-mind, even when customers aren’t actively searching for your products.

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads allow you to showcase your products directly in Google search results and across the Google Shopping network. These ads provide potential customers with detailed product information, including images, prices, and merchant names, leading to higher-quality traffic and increased sales.

Google Ads is a powerful tool to maximise in your digital marketing strategy especially if you are looking to grow your company.

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Three Key Objectives of search campaigns

Increase Website Traffic

Drive more visitors to your website by appearing at the top of search results for relevant queries.

Generate Leads & Sales

Convert clicks into leads or sales through targeted ad placements and hyper focussed landing pages.

Brand Awareness

Increase visibility and recognition of your brand by consistently appearing in search results for related keywords.
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Transforming my business’s digital journey with unmatched expertise and innovation!

Working with Tom and his team transformed our website from a simple digital presence to a dynamic, performance-driven powerhouse. Their expertise in integrating Google Analytics, Ads, and Tag Manager has unlocked new levels of insight and expanded our online reach.

Their flawless integration with our CRM system has created a cohesive platform, enhancing customer engagement and providing real-time success tracking. As we move forward with digital advertising and process automation, I’m confident that we’re not just following trends—we’re setting them, thanks to Tom’s team’s redefinition of digital transformation.

Mikhail Cass - Cass Brothers Productions


Elevating our technical service to new heights with a bespoke digital solution!

Having Tom craft an internal application for our technician company was like upgrading from a toolbox to a high-tech workshop. Every feature is custom-built to streamline our operations, from scheduling to inventory management. The intuitive design means my team spends less time on paperwork and more time doing what they do best – fixing things! This isn’t just software; it’s the backbone of our business now, keeping us efficient and ahead in the fast-paced world of tech repairs.

Ruben - Vetro Tech

Glass and Stone Machine Technician

Our one stop shop for all things digital. Tom has truly taken my busiensses operations to the next level.

Our journey to digital excellence began when we partnered with Tom to revamp our website and manage our online advertising. The result? A stunning, user-friendly site that reflects the healing and professionalism we stand for. But the magic didn’t stop there; our sales workflows are now automated, ensuring a seamless and efficient patient journey from the first click to the final appointment. This transformation has not only elevated our patient experience but also positioned us at the forefront of digital innovation in healthcare.

Tash - Leaping Kids


Our one stop shop for all things digital. Tom has truly taken my busiensses operations to the next level.

Since teaming up to revamp our cold outreach strategy, we’ve seen a transformative shift in our engagement rates and client acquisition. 

This partnership has not only reffined our approach but revolutionized the way we connect with potential clients. Our messages are now precisely targeted and perfectly timed, thanks to the innovative strategies and tools implemented. It’s not just outreach; it’s about making meaningful connections that convert, and that’s what we’ve achieved with this Tom’s guidance.

Jack - Drop-ship Packaging

Packaging Procurement

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use google ads in my business?

    Google Ads is an online advertising platform that lets businesses display ads on Google’s search results pages and other properties. It can be cost-effective when done right, helps you reach your targeted audience, boosts brand awareness, and drives traffic to your website.

  • Why should I partner with a Google Ads Agency?

    Partnering with a Google Ads agency provides access to specialists who stay updated on the latest trends and best practices, ensuring your campaigns are optimized for maximum effectiveness. Outsourcing campaign management saves you time, allowing you to focus on other business tasks, while advanced tools and strategies used by agencies enhance ad performance, leading to higher returns on your investment.

  • How much does it cost to hire an agency to run google ads

    The cost of hiring a Google Ads agency typically ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 per month, depending on the scope of your project and the size of your ad campaigns. For a personalised quote and to discuss your specific needs, you can contact the agency directly. They’ll provide a tailored budget that aligns with your business goals and requirements.

  • How do Google Ads Agencies increase ROI?

    A top Google Ads management agency like Nodd Solutions can boost your ROI by optimising your ad campaigns for maximum efficiency. We identify and focus on the most profitable keywords while continually testing and refining your ads to make data-backed performance improvements. Hiring an expert agency is crucial for maximising your marketing budget and achieving a higher ROI. Nodd Solutions assists you in understanding Google Analytics and Google Data Studio, helping you make sense of your data. Their industry knowledge enables you to make informed decisions, reducing risks and ensuring better results.

  • How long does my google ads campaign need to start working?

    The time it takes for your Google Ads campaign to start working can vary depending on several factors such as your industry, budget, and campaign quality. Typically, you may begin to see some initial results within the first few weeks. However, significant improvements in ROI and campaign performance often take a few months as data is gathered and optimisations are made. It’s important to work with a skilled agency like Nodd Solutions, which can ensure your campaigns are set up for success and continuously refined for the best outcomes.

  • What Are Some Common Challenges with Google Ads?

    Common challenges with Google Ads include high costs in competitive markets, making it expensive to stay at the top of search results. Managing and optimizing campaigns is tricky and needs expertise. Ads can become less effective over time, so they need to be updated regularly. Problems with Quality Scores, like using irrelevant keywords or having a poor landing page, can increase costs and lower visibility. Tracking and measuring success can be difficult, especially with multiple marketing channels. Keeping up with Google’s frequent updates, dealing with fake clicks, and following ad rules are also big challenges.

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