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Bites Health

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Client Overview

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Meet The Client

Bites Health is a women-run health clinic led by Chantelle Wardini, a proud advocate for women’s health and wellness. The clinic provides comprehensive health services tailored to meet the unique needs of women, focusing on holistic and personalised care. Chantelle’s dedication to empowering women to lead healthier lives drives the mission of Bites Health, ensuring that each patient receives the highest quality of care and support.

At the heart of Bites Health is Chantelle, the founder and CEO, whose unwavering commitment to women’s health shapes the clinic’s operations. Her passion for helping women achieve optimal health is evident in every aspect of the service. By providing a welcoming and supportive environment, Chantelle ensures that each patient feels valued and understood. Under her guidance, Bites Health continues to grow and evolve, reaching more women and offering them the opportunity to improve their health and well-being through dedicated, compassionate care.

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Client Needs

Chantelle approached us with a clear goal: to enhance the reach of Bites Health and positively impact more women’s lives. 

Additionally, Chantelle had 10 clinic locations that we needed to work on getting leads through the door for, which meant we had a lot of work to do. To begin, we ran an audit and saw there was lots of potential. Chantelle had run ads in the past but was unsuccessful in getting them to work effectively. When reviewing the keywords available to rank for, we saw that she had a lot of potential and no real roadblocks.

The Solution

Google Search Ads & Website Optimization

Initial Adwords Campaigns

We started with a Google search campaign to get things going. Initially, we were getting immense amounts of clicks and impressions, but we weren’t seeing the desired number of conversions. To address this, we ran a keyword audit to understand what prospects were searching to land on her page. This audit revealed that the people with the most intent were searching for more long-tail key terms like “holistic health for menopause.” We then refined our keyword strategy to incorporate these specific phrases while removing the keywords that resulted in poor conversion rates. By carefully analysing the terminology used by our target audience, we noticed that the language women used when searching for health services was quite specific and different from general medical searches.

User Experience Analysis

We then investigated the users’ experience on the pages to see what was happening. At first, we noticed that many people were bouncing within the first two folds of the landing page, which led us to think there might be something wrong with the wording in the hero section or perhaps the image. We ended up running some split testing and concluded our reasoning instantaneously. The original image in the hero section was not resonating with the target audience. When testing with a more relatable persona, we were able to see the conversion rates double right away.

Website Enhancements

We then started working on creating more specific landing pages tailored to the keywords we were targeting. By aligning each landing page closely with the search terms and user intent, we aimed to provide a more relevant and engaging experience for visitors. This approach ensured that users found exactly what they were looking for, leading to a greater user experience and ultimately increasing the likelihood of conversion. We also worked on showcasing more specific personas in each of the hero sections of the landing pages. By featuring relatable and representative images and stories, we aimed to create a stronger emotional connection with our target audience. This personalization helped to make the content more relevant and engaging, increasing the likelihood of users staying on the page and taking the desired actions.

In addition to keyword-specific landing pages, we optimised the overall user journey by designing seamless flows throughout the site. This included strategically placing call-to-action buttons in prominent locations, making them easily accessible regardless of where users were on the page. We focused on reducing the number of steps required to complete actions, such as booking an appointment or contacting the clinic, ensuring that users could navigate the site effortlessly.

The Outcome

The implementation of these targeted strategies and optimizations yielded remarkable results for Bites Health. Over a two-month period, the transformation in the clinic’s online presence was evident. Conversions surged from one per month to ten per month, demonstrating the effectiveness of our combined efforts in Google Ads and conversion rate optimization (CRO). The newly optimised landing pages and improved user experience on the website significantly enhanced engagement, leading to a higher conversion rate and better return on ad spend. The outcome was that we went from 0 new customers to an average of 4 new customers per week. This growth has necessitated the need to hire additional staff to manage the influx of new clients, showcasing the scalability of our approach. Ultimately, these changes have set Bites Health on a path of sustained growth, enabling Chantelle to further her mission of positively impacting more women’s lives through high-quality health services.

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Future Focus

Building on the success of our initial efforts, we are now turning our attention to further enhancing Bites Health’s digital presence through a comprehensive CRM implementation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In addition, we are implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system through Go High Level (GHL) to streamline client interactions and improve lead management. Chantelle’s future focus is to utilise her 4,000 contacts that we have implemented into her CRM and start creating lead magnets to drive more sales. We have begun building sales funnels to help drive traffic into her new online course and support email campaigns to engage and nurture these leads.

To ensure the effectiveness of these strategies, we have created structured learning and support resources on Go High Level for Chantelle’s team. This includes training materials and best practices for managing and nurturing leads, optimising sales funnels, and executing email campaigns. By leveraging these tools, Chantelle’s team can efficiently convert leads into loyal customers and maximise the potential of their extensive contact list.

These future-focused strategies will not only boost Bites Health’s visibility and reach but also ensure sustainable growth and continued success in helping women achieve optimal health.


Impact & Growth

Through our strategic interventions in Google Ads and CRO, Bites Health has seen substantial growth, transforming their online presence and increasing their capacity to help more women. The ongoing CRM implementation and associated strategies will further bolster their mission, ensuring sustained growth and impact.